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DoorDash Adds GenZe e-Bikes to Fleet

As a courier, efficiency is the name of the game. More deliveries in less time allows them to make more money. And when that efficiency comes with less effort as well, you’ve found the Holy Grail.

Which is why we’re so excited to announce that DoorDash – the best way to get your favorite food delivered – has partnered with GenZe to offer our electric bikes to Dashers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Washington, DC.

“Dashers today use a variety of vehicle types, ranging from cars and trucks, to bicycling and walking,” said Usman Cheema, Business Development Manager of DoorDash. “The GenZe e-bikes offer the perfect, environmentally-friendly solution between a car and a bicycle. Now couriers can easily navigate traffic and ride farther for longer, without the sweat and effort of pedaling.”

Our electric bikes and scooters are quickly becoming the go-to transportation solution for couriers across the country. They uniquely allow riders to avoid gridlock, park quickly and easily, breeze through heavy traffic, and complete more deliveries in less time.

Electric bicycles also do not require a license, so they offer an easy-to-use and accessible alternative to other forms of motorized transportation.

GenZe electric bikes uniquely have 3 riding modes: you can pedal, use the 5 levels of pedal assist to get a boost, or use the throttle and not pedal at all—at up to 20mph.

DoorDash will measuring delivery time, speed, and convenience for Dashers in the 4 cities, and hopes to expand its use of GenZe e-bikes to other cities in the future.

For more information about DoorDash (or to get some food delivered lickety split), head to doordash.com.

To see how GenZe e-bikes empower couriers, commuters, and casual riders to conquer their city, learn more about our story.