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GenZe’s Week At CES 2016
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From test rides in the plaza to joining the AT&T Dev Summit on stage, CES 2016 was quite the week! And while our time in Las Vegas was full of new discoveries, we’re glad to see that the public is turning on to our products, too. Here’s what people are saying about our electric scooter and e-bikes.


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“When you’re absolutely sure of something, you know it deep in your heart. And I’m 100% certain I never want to get around Las Vegas during a big event like CES again without a GenZe electric scooter.”



Verge Photo

“It’s a polished scooter, and it’s remarkably easy to use.”


“Everything can be adjusted from this touchscreen – which is pretty sweet.”



“There are lots of electric vehicles at this year’s CES, but this is the most fun I’ve seen so far.”


GenZe #53-min

“The GenZe 2.0 is a two-wheel vehicle built for urban commuters.”


FB News

“Three trends really seem to be emerging; I call them the ‘ables.’ The wearables, the hearables, which are smart headphones, and the rideables […] This is the GenZe by Mahindra.”