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Genze e-Bike &
e-Scooter Fleets


Genze e-Bike &
e-Scooter Fleets


Smart, Secure and Efficient

Our connected two-wheel electric fleet solutions are purpose-built for deliverycorporategovernmentcollegeprivate operator, and tourism applications, and can be customized to cater to your needs.
We are the complete package with vehicles, security, connectivity, analytics, and financing available.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your fleet, email fleet@genze.com for more information.

Multi-Modal Products

Fleet solutions can include our e-Bikes, our e-Scooters, or a mixture of both. We also have solar charging and locking stations available to get you completely off the grid.

GenZe Digital Platform

Our connected platform leverages data from our telematics CANBus system to monitor and report vehicle performance in near real time.

  • Remote diagnostics, battery levels, GPS location, speed
  • Application Program Interface (API) to combine telematics with your data
  • Fleet operations SaaS with rider companion app
  • Reporting and insights

GenZe Security System

  • Keyless startup and unlocking
  • Down rider alerts
  • Lockable/removable battery provides security and flexibility for easy swapping

Easy Performance

  • Intuitive pedal assist and throttle response for riders at every level
  • Durable aluminum frames
  • Balanced design for improved control and safety
  • Swappable batteries charge off any standard wall outlet

Customizable Options

  • Custom colors and graphics
  • Extra batteries
  • Areas for co-branding or sponsorship information
  • Multiple accessories ad purpose-specific configurations to choose from

Purpose Built



Reduce cars on campus and get people where they’re going faster.

  • Fast and fun solution available for all employees
  • Fraction of the cost of cars or shuttle buses (with less space needed)
  • Align with CSR and sustainability initiatives


Avoid the high cost of transit systems upgrades and parking issues by getting more people on 2 wheels.

  • Lower cost solution than traditional transit (reduced capital cost and more commerce)
  • Works with any topography and infrastructure
  • Benefits tourists, local residents and employees


Make more deliveries in less time with increased cash flow.

  • Saves on gas, maintenance and parking while being green
  • Allows riders to carry more cargo and keep goods warm/cold/protected
  • Analytics allows you to optimize your business


Attract a larger crowd at increased rates with options accessible to the whole family.

  • Way to differentiate your business
  • Connected system with data on usage (identify destinations)
  • Empower tourists to reach options further away or up hills


Provide students and faculty an unconstrained solution for either on or off campus transit.

  • Low cost solution with the option to rent vs. own
  • Equitable financially and physically
  • Increased productivity and mobility cross campus
Private Operators

Private Operators

Upgrade to products riders favor that are easy and affordable to maintain, with cutting edge technology.

  • Safe an stable rides, with better maneuverability
  • Have more involvement and integration
  • Lower cost solution for a quality product

Ready to revolutionize your fleet?