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A Message to our Customers

These unprecedented times and the global economic uncertainties brought on by Covid-19 pandemic, has had an impact on the electric bike and scooter industry, in ways, that are yet unfolding and unpredictable.

Given the current circumstances, GenZe business unit will close its operations in the coming months. We thank our customers, suppliers and technology support services partners for their association with us over the last few years. GenZe e-bikes and e-Scooter product support and warranty services will continue to be honored, as part of terms of our consumer warranties. Further details will be shared separately with the relevant customers, do stay tuned.

Removable/Lockable Battery

Both products have removable batteries that plug into any standard outlet so you can get a full charge at home or work in as little as 3.5 hours.

Multiple Ride Modes

Choose from multiple ride modes to extend your range, adjust your speed, and control your ride.  Five levels of pedal assist or full throttle with no pedaling.

Electric Power Boost

Precision powertrain control software provides unmatched torque, and controls the throttle response, so the power rolls on smoothly.


Zip around your 7-mile island

Most daily trips are less than 7 miles from home. We call it the seven-mile island. Our seven-mile pledge is a commitment to use 2-wheel personal transportation (like our electric bikes and scooters) within our island whenever we can. It’s a daily choice you can feel good about and goes a long way.

  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Cut emissions and improve air quality
  • Enhance on-the-go experience
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The world is your charging station

GenZe electric bikes and scooters have removable batteries that plug into any standard outlet. Pop your battery out for a quick boost on the go, and forget range anxiety.

  • Full charge in as little as 3.5 hours
  • Snap it out for easy charging and enhanced security
  • Plug it into any standard 110 volt outlet
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“I am having fun. No more excuses not to ride. I look forward to it!”

Greg, e-Bike rider

“It is great when I want to get to places I can’t get on a normal bike.” 

Jennifer, Oakland, CA

After taking a ride on these electric bikes we were hooked.” 

Brady, Palo Alto, CA

“The cargo is perfect on my e-Scooter. I can get all sorts of groceries and art supplies in it.” 

 Leslee, Portland, OR

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Leading the personal transportation revolution.

On our electric bikes and scooters, you can avoid gridlock, park effortlessly, and actually have fun running errands, getting to work and riding around town. Learn more about how we’re redefining urban transportation, and hear what real riders have to say about their experiences.

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