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5 Times an e-Bike Throttle is Clutch

To those of you new to the e-bike world, an e-bike is basically just a regular bike…until you need more. Then, it instantly transforms into an entirely motorized vehicle (with the throttle), or gives you a healthy boost with various levels of pedal assist. Here are some instances when the throttle is clutch.

1. An Important Meeting

You’re late, you’re nervous, and your sweat production is already at an 11 before you even step out the door. Do yourself a favor, and coast to that big meeting.

2. A First Date

Whether you’re looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, or just Mr. or Mrs. Right Now, you might want to keep your pheromones in check before you know if there’s any real chemistry. Use the throttle to make sure you show up smelling your best.

3. The Last Few Miles Home

You’ve had a hard day at work, and your couch is calling your name. The last thing you want to do is exert more energy. Twist the throttle, and just like that you’re a superhero…flying all the way home.

4. Gym rides

You work out, you cool down, and your legs feel like Jell-O. Give them a break, and keep that pep in your step all the way home.

5. Day long tours

You’re rocking your spandex, on a tour de wherever. But half way in, you realize you went too far, and bit off way more than you can chew. End the day on a high note, and be home in a breeze.

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