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Biking Safety Tips From GenZe

Biking is the greatest – after all, it’s fun, transportation, and exercise all rolled into one. Your bike can take you all sorts of places, and living in a city, it is one of the most practical ways to get from Point A to Point B quickly, without having to worry about parking. City cycling can seem a bit intimidating, but it’s really a piece of cake. To help you navigate yours, we’ve put together some helpful bike safety tips to get you on the road with confidence!


In biking, it is critical to look around and assess the actions of cars and the flow of traffic. Once you have taken in those elements, you can use that information to help dictate your responses accordingly. Weather, traffic congestion, and time of day are all factors in helping you determine the safety of your surroundings.


It’s always a great idea to make yourself as visible as possible to cars. Using hand signals, eye contact with motorists, bright clothing, and reflectors are all great ways to make sure that drivers are taking your presence into account.


Biking at night is fun, but in any situation where visibility is lowered, it becomes more hazardous. So having a well-lit bike with lights in the front and back is critical. We are really into the Frog Strobe Bike Light by Knog – they are small, come in great colors and are super bright.


Growing up, it seemed like my parents were constantly checking to see if I was wearing a helmet on my bike. At the time, it seemed like an annoying parent question, but now I get it. Your brain is precious cargo so keeping it protected is more than sound advice, it’s an investment in yourself. There are a lot of cool helmets on the market like the awesome collapsible Fuga helmet by Closca.

Door Zone

In case you aren’t familiar with the term “doored” it’s when parked driver does not check to see if anyone is in the bike lane and throws their door open directly into the bike’s path causing an accident. No fun. The best way to avoid these accidents is to keep on the far edge of the bike lane. This will buy you some time, and space, should a door open in front of you.


You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: always trust your instincts. Aggressive driver? Let them pass you. Unsure if the car next to you might not see you and turn into your lane? Give them some space. Trust your gut.

These are just a few tips to help keep you safe and sound on the road. There are all sorts of amazing resources such as People For Bikes, League of American Bicyclists, and the Alliance for Biking & Walking. Also, many large cities have their own Bike Coalitions that are worth checking out. We hope these tips helped you out, and we can’t wait to see you on the road!

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