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Biking to Work on a GenZe e-Bike

By: Kit Friday

Commuting to and from work doesn’t tend to be a favorite time of day for most folks. Traffic is a mess, public transportation is crazy, and everyone is crabby. Until I figure out how to be independently wealthy, commuting is a necessary evil that isn’t going to be changing anytime soon for me. I did some research and decided that in an attempt to make commuting easier, and hopefully more fun, I would get a GenZe e-Bike.


7:30 AM Monday morning I was ready to embark on the maiden voyage of my “I’m going to improve the quality of my life” experiment. I got on my GenZe e-Bike and zipped over to the MacArthur BART station and made it there in record time – already winning! At first I was worried about getting my bike up the stairs at the station, but it turns out the GenZe has an awesome “Walk” feature that basically makes the bike mosey up the stairs with limited exertion from you. So cool! When I got to the platform I took my bike to the far end so I could board the last car and when the train came blasting up, and I got my e-Bike in and up against the wall with the other bikes no problem. When I got to my station in the city, I popped on my bike and breezed to my work.


Once the clock hit 5:00 PM I was ready for quitting time like you could not believe. I had spent my day plotting my after work e-Bike plans. I have a pretty hectic job, so I tend to need to unwind pretty significantly after quitting time rolls around. Part of the reason that the GenZe e-Bike really spoke to me was because it would provide me with a bike that functioned like a traditional bicycle, but also had capabilities that would allow me to go further afield than I normally do. When I disembarked at the 19th Street BART Station and got on my cute bike I started with the manual pedal feature – I needed to blow off some steam, and naturally, nothing does that better than exercise. I biked around Lake Merritt, taking in the beautiful afternoon. When I had reached full circle and once again found myself on Grand Avenue, I decided to switch from manual pedal and try out the bike’s different speeds. ZOMYGOD! So fun! I took the bike on a nice cruise down Grand Avenue and went to the Oakland Rose Garden to, well, stop and smell the roses. Now, with the throttle cranked up, the bike was really zippy, and easy to control. I decided to see how it worked on hills and so I took Grand Avenue up to Pleasant Valley. Let me tell you, I have never been particularly wild about biking up hills and I feel like that has really gotten in my way of some amazing bike rides. However, going up that hill was nothing! Kicked in some throttle, pedaled a little, and made it to the top without breaking a sweat. Coasting down the hill, my head danced with future bike rides that were now at my fingertips. I was stoked, not stressed out, and had a big smile on my face. I know I’m only 24 hours deep into this experiment, but I am already pretty positive that getting a GenZe e-Bike was probably one of my more fantastic ideas.


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