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Kicking off the Lloyd District e-Bike Challenge

Lloyd EcoDistrict is a non-profit that works with businesses, residents and community organizations to elevate sustainable practices in Portland’s Lloyd District. Focusing primarily on alternative transportation, waste reduction, water management, and energy efficiency, it made perfect sense for us to collaborate with GenZe to bring e-bikes to the Lloyd District.

LED-ebikesWe were clearly on board with the idea of zero-emissions transport, however our small staff of avid bike commuters couldn’t imagine exactly how much we’d love an e-bike until GenZe let us borrow one for a week. Some of us were skeptical about giving up our “regular” bikes, while others were scared of the power of the throttle. One ride each and we were hooked—we soon found ourselves fighting over who would get to take the e-bike to meetings, and finding excuses to run errands so that we could show it off on Broadway.

The ability to run errands at lunch and go to meetings quickly and efficiently without breaking a sweat is essential in a business district like Lloyd, where it’s generally faster to bike than drive. This realization was the inspiration behind the e-Bike Challenge, and we are thrilled to have GenZe along for the ride.

Our shared vision is an eco district in which each office uses an e-bike as their main fleet vehicle. The e-Bike Challenge is a way to give companies in the Lloyd District a chance to try out an e-Bike for a week (for free) and let them see for themselves how fun, easy and efficient it is.

The Challenge will be in the form of a weeklong scavenger hunt that will require them to get out of the office on an e-Bike. The winner will ride away with a free GenZe e-Bike for their office! Our participants consist of staff from the Portland Trail Blazers, Metro, East-West College of the Healing Arts, ORANGEWALL studios, Life’s Work Physical Therapy, DoubleTree, Alpine Mortgage, k12 Inc, Parametrix, the Oregon Convention Center, PNGC Power, and Hassalo on Eighth—and we can’t wait to see them zipping about on their e-Bikes!

The winner of the GenZe e-Bike will be announced during intermission at the first Plazapalooza, an after-work summer concert series, on July 23rd at the Oregon Convention Center.

To all participants involved —enjoy the ride!