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The Future of Urban Transportation is Powered By The Sun

Imagine a world where you step outside your office, grab an electric bike from a charging station out front, and cruise to your meeting across town while enjoying some sights and sunshine.

No need to worry about traffic. No need to worry about filling up your tank. Just a convenient, conscious, and FUN way to get around your city—that’s completely powered by the sun.

That is the vision of Bike Solar Oakland. Bike Solar Oakland combines solar technology and electric bikes to offer modular, mobile transportation solutions completely off the grid. It is the result of a partnership between Mahindra GenZe, DC Solar, California Clean Energy Fund, IRFTS, Sungevity, and the Jack London Improvement District.

The first pilot station went up in Jack London Square last month, and is collecting data on the bikes, the power from the solar panels, and how the station is being utilized. The station is currently in the Jack London Improvement District Parking lot at 4th and Broadway, but since it’s on wheels, it can go anywhere, and does not require any formal permitting.



Why is this important to us? At GenZe, we are dedicated to solving the problem of urban
mobility. This program provides multi-modal transportation to residents. People unable to buy cars
or displaced by neighborhoods without transit availability, will be able to shorten their commute and have access to viable and sustainable transportation options. And in doing so, we will get cars off the road, and make resident’s lives better. This is an integral part of Mahindra’s core mission to facilitate change, support social justice, and empower people to Rise.

Where do we see this going? Large corporate campuses, cities, hotels and local businesses are just some of the potential case studies for how this project could scale and grow.



How can you try it out? Currently, the pilot is reserved for events, tours, and local businesses. If you’d like to be notified of our upcoming events or schedule something for your business or community, please sign up for the mailing list at bikesolaroakland.com

Enjoy the ride!