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Brady & Christiana: Paving the Way With Their 2.0

Brady and Christiana of Woodside, California are the very first owners of the GenZe e-scooter and the first members of the GenZe Thousand Mile Club. With those kind of credentials, it was only natural that they became the first people to be interviewed for our ongoing customer blog series. We got Brady on the phone and discussed adventures, going from novice to experienced scooter riders, and dry cleaning.

What made you buy your 2.0?

We first saw it on University Avenue at the shop, but we had been big fans of everything electric, so we loved the idea of an electric scooter to get us around. She tried it, and then I tried it. We did a test ride in Palo Alto, we had never heard of the company but after taking a ride we were hooked. All the ideas of where you can go around Palo Alto and San Carlos, there were a lot of places we could envision taking it instead of having to drive.

As novice riders, was it hard to learn how to drive your scooter?

It wasn’t hard at all. It took us about half an hour MAYBE.

Did you have any initial fears about owning a scooter?

We had none at all. Once we rode it and felt how stable it was and how easy to operate it was we had no qualms at all. In fact, we were excited just thinking about all the places we could go.

How has your 2.0 changed the way you get around?

For us, we are more local shoppers, which is what we’ve always wanted to do. We go to the farmer’s market, we go to the mall, the grocery store. We always make a point of using the GenZe. At this point we actually fight over who gets to do errands and opposed to the opposite, which is funny. Using it daily makes you more of a part of the community and it makes you want to go out.

What are some highlights of your first thousand miles?

Well, they went by really quickly because we used it so often. We really enjoyed putting together our own basket to take the dogs out. So now we get to drive our dogs around, it’s kind of like our own Pope mobile! What is also great is a lot of people come up to us because they never have seen an electric scooter before. So, the enthusiasm being showed to us is really inspiring. We kind of became ambassadors, no one had seen it and we got a lot of questions because there is the awareness now that people want it, but they didn’t know it was around.

Where do you see yourselves going on your next thousand miles?

We want to go further out. We are contemplating getting a second battery for longer trips and doing tandem rides. We want to enjoy being outside more, especially with spring coming. We want to do some alpine roads and back roads. Maybe even head to the beach like Pacifica or Half Moon Bay.

What is your favorite ride?

For us it would probably be a tandem ride we did with our other scooter and our dogs to Alice’s Restaurant. We were able to charge there with no problem and it was a lot of fun.

What is the strangest thing you’ve hauled in your e-scooter?

Dry cleaning! I picked up my wife’s dry cleaning – a lot of it. It looked weird with all the dresses and stuff in the back of the scooter. But with the stability and ease of use, it was kind of a no brainer.

As the inaugural members of the Thousand Mile Club, do you have any advice for other 2.0 owners?

Whenever you have the inkling, just go and ride. Enjoy it when it’s a sunny day. Even just riding around the neighborhood is therapeutic. Use your GenZe for what it’s intended for – exploring. Explore your neighborhood, take the long way, take the back roads, just explore.


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