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Commuting on a GenZe e-Bike

By Jack

My first commute on my GenZe e-bike was from San Leandro to Pleasanton, CA. I had a 10am meeting in at the Hacienda Business Park, and decided not to take the car. If you commute the 580 between Livermore and Hayward, you know what a nightmare the traffic can be.

Living in San Leandro, I checked Google maps to find a bike route to the Castro Valley BART station. The results estimated the 2.6-mile ride would take 18 minutes. Using mostly pedal assist, I made it to the BART station in less than 15 minutes.

The BART ride from Castro Valley to Dublin/Pleasanton took just 15 minutes, compared to the estimated 17 minutes by car with no traffic, and a more reasonable expectation of 30–45 minutes during heavy traffic.

From the Dublin/Pleasanton station, the 1.1-mile ride to the Hacienda Business Park took 10 minutes, compared to the estimated 7 minutes by car.

My entire commute using the GenZe e-bike took 1 hour and 20 minutes round trip, while the car would have taken 55 minutes in no traffic and 1 hour and 50 minutes in heavy traffic.

e-bikeThe shocking difference was the cost savings. A 16-mile trip in the car adds up to $1,141 annually, not taking into account the cost of parking or car maintenance. In comparison, charging an e-bike is less than $0.11 a day, which over the course over the year adds up to less than $30. Even when you add preventative maintenance costs, your annual expense is still only $68. At that rate, the GenZe e-bike pays for itself in just 17 months.

The Hacienda Business Park is home to Oracle, Roche, and Kaiser Permanente (to name a few). While these businesses drive the economic growth in the area, they also contribute to increased traffic congestion.

Imagine if just 10% of the estimated 5,000 employees in that area left their cars at home.

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