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Cruising Up Portland Hills

A lot of people ask how the GenZe 2.0 handles hills. Fortunately for us, most of Portland isn’t very hilly, however the hills we do have are nothing to shake a stick at. The GenZe 2.0 is designed to take hills of up to a 20% grade without a problem – so I decided to go for a joyride and put the 2.0 to the test!


Starting at the Portland Experience Center I buzzed over the Hawthorne Bridge to SW 13th Ave. (Side-note: the Hawthorne Bridge is a metal grate bridge, so if you’re unfamiliar with riding on grates come by the EC to talk to Todd and he can help coach you up. Otherwise you may want to opt for the Broadway or Steel bridge.)


I then took a right until I passed the freeway entrance, and after another right at SW Montgomery,  the beginning of the 1,071ft climb begins.


Council Crest was once a street car stop and home of an amusement park, and its no wonder as the view is breathtaking. You can see Mt. Hood, Mt. Saint Helens, and Mt. Adams depending on which way you’re looking.


The GenZe 2.0 handled the climb like a champ, and had no problem getting up even the steepest parts of the climb. And while the best part about riding up Council Crest is undoubtedly the view, a close second was the extra 3 miles of range I got back from the regenerative braking!


Next up–Rocky, Tabor, and Powell!


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