Postmates Case Study

e-Bikes and e-Scooters Optimize Deliveries

More Deliveries in Less Time

Electric bikes and scooters are fast and reliable, allowing Postmates to accomplish more deliveries in less time, make more money, and provide a better customer experience.

Affordable for Everyone

Postmates’ progressive program allows drivers to inexpensively lease GenZe electric bikes and scooters which may have otherwise been cost-prohibitive. This provides them with an efficient means of transportation on and off the clock.

Sustainable and Scalable

In congested urban areas, parking challenges and varying topography makes walking and driving time-consuming and in-efficient. Electric bikes and scooters tackle hills and gridlock sustainably, and with a minimal footprint.


“We know our network of hard-working Postmates are also students, parents, and teachers who lead busy lives. By simply making a handful of deliveries a week, each of them will now be able to retain new vehicle solutions for unlimited use in their personal lives, while connecting orders to our customers even faster and earning even more when they’re on the platform. And by recognizing a responsibility to take steps to safeguard our planet, these environmentally-friendly transportation options offer a sustainable and clean-energy business solution to minimize our carbon footprint.” Vivek Patel, Vice President of Business Operations

In the summer of 2017, innovative community logistics platform Postmates announced a groundbreaking partnership with GenZe to bring zero-emission transportation solutions to New York City and San Francisco.

Particularly in dense, urban populations, the ability to get around traffic, park, or get across town efficiently makes the difference in earnings generated, delivery times for a customer, and the sales rates for merchants.

With an initial deployment of 100 GenZe 2.0e model e-Scooters and 100 e-Bikes in two of the country’s largest delivery markets, Postmates will expand the partnership to additional locations in its more than 200-city network over the next year – offering couriers a cost-effective way to take up even more orders and enabling customers to realize faster delivery times.

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