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Doing Your Part to Cut Harmful Emissions

With the environment on everyone’s mind, there’s been a lot of talk about emissions, their harmful effects, and what needs to be done to cut them. With so much information out there, it can seem a little daunting – we totally get it. Which is why we’ve put together a blog to help explain emissions to you and get you on the road to a zero-emission future!

What Are Emissions?

Emissions is the term used to describe the gases and particles which are put into the air or emitted by various sources. When chemicals such as carbon dioxide, are emitted, they produce what we call air pollution or Greenhouse emissions. While there are many sources for emissions, vehicles are a significant contributor, releasing approximately 333 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year.

How Are They Harmful?

Harmful emissions have a massive impact on the thing that we, and other living creatures, need to survive – air. Poor air quality caused by harmful emissions increases asthma and bronchitis and can intensify the risk of getting serious illnesses.

What You Can Do

For our planet to thrive, we need to drastically eliminate the amount of harmful emissions that we produce. This can feel a little daunting, but if each person does their part, it’ll make a huge difference. An easy, and awesome, way to cut emissions is to stop relying on gas-guzzling cars for transportation. By choosing an electric vehicle, bike, public transportation, or other shared mobility options you’re helping significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

As a company, we are committed to doing our part to help reduce harmful emissions and empower others to do so as well. Ready to do your part to save the world and have fun doing it? They the GenZe electric bikes and scooters are a perfect, zero-emission option for you! Join the fight to cut harmful emissions today.

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