DoorDash Case Study

e-Bikes for Doordash Couriers Across the Country

When it comes to having your favorite food delivered, few vehicles can rival the efficiency of an electric bicycle in traffic-congested cities.


Dashers are faster and more nimble on electric bicycles.


Drivers efficiently tackle hills, gridlock and parking issues, no sweat.


GenZe e-Bikes are a cost-effective solution for short-distance deliveries.


“Dashers today use a variety of vehicle types, ranging from cars and trucks, to bicycling and walking.The GenZe e-bikes offer the perfect, environmentally-friendly solution between a car and a bicycle. Now couriers can easily navigate traffic and ride farther for longer, without the sweat and effort of pedaling.” Usman Cheema, Business Development Manager

From conquering hills to beating gridlock, e-Bikes are a smart, eco-friendly alternative to cars and fast becoming the top choice by on-demand delivery businesses looking for quick, hassle-free urban transportation.

Which is why it was such a no-brainer for food delivery service DoorDash to partner with GenZe to launch an e-Bike delivery program in Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver, British Columbia.

The new electric bike delivery fleet followed a successful pilot program launched in the Spring of 2016, which proved the effectiveness of delivering via GenZe e-Bikes.

DoorDash plans to develop the program and add GenZe e-Bikes to its delivery fleet in other cities throughout its service network, which currently operates in over 26 major cities across the U.S. and Canada.


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