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Double The Fun

When it comes to wedding anniversaries, every year has a different theme. The 32nd anniversary is the year of conveyance, which couldn’t have come at a better time for Joan and Larry Diskin.

While Larry was contemplating what method of conveyance would be the perfect gift, he spotted a GenZe truck on the freeway. He was intrigued with what he saw, and made inquiries to find out more. He surprised Joan with a personal demo at the house, and she was immediately hooked.

Even though there was a slight delay in the 2.0’s production, that didn’t stop the Diskins’ enthusiasm. “We were at the first buyers meeting in Palo Alto last year, and Larry was so giddy about it. And with everyone geared up and ready to receive their new electric scooters, I think he got GenZe envy.”

The idea struck Joan during the event to get Larry a 2.0 of his very own…but as a surprise. “I knew it would be something that we would be able to enjoy together.”

The GenZe team hopped on board to pull the whole thing off. After a few calls to coordinate, a 2nd 2.0 was secretly added to their delivery for Larry. And when the delivery came, Larry was thoroughly surprised! “We totally caught him off guard, and the kids got it all on camera! The GenZe team was so helpful in making the surprise special and being super flexible with us. This anniversary was definitely one to remember.”

Now proud owners of TWO GenZe 2.0s, the Diskins are riding in style. “Larry picks up a carpool every day to San Jose, so now he takes the 2.0 down for his first mile/last mile.” As for Joan, “I will be riding it to work, going to the farmer’s market, going to our friend’s house. [It’s time to] get out and about and do something fun!”

We can’t wait to hear more about how Joan and Larry enjoy their brand new electric scooters! Do you have your own GenZe story? Email socialmedia [at] to share!

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