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e-Bike Battery Tips & Tricks

The battery is what puts the “e” in your e-Bike, so we know you want to keep it in tip top shape. With a little care, you can extend the life of your battery, and extend your range—which means more rides and more fun. We’ve put together this list of tips and tricks to help you take care for your battery to make sure you’re ready to ride, now and in the future.

Charge it up

To extend your battery’s life, be sure recharge immediately after it has completely been discharged. The longer the life of your battery the more awesome rides you get to look forward to! It’s also never a good idea to let it completely get to 0%….so try to charge it on the go to ensure you’ve always got a little juice.

Don’t Forget to Unplug

Don’t leave your battery on the charger for longer than necessary.  Lithium batteries are a lot like your laptop batteries – and you know what that means! If you leave your battery plugged in after its reached a full charge, it’ll start depleting your battery life.

Let Thieves Look Elsewhere

If you’re locking your e-Bike up overnight it’s a smart idea to remove your battery and take it with you to make your e-Bike less tempting to thieves.

Safe Storage Saves

If storing your e-Bike, remove the battery and keep it stored at room temperature. We also recommend that you charge or discharge your battery to 50% – 80% before storing.

Extend Your Ride

Even when you’re out and about, there are ways that you can help stretch the life of your battery. For instance, by saving the throttle for only when you need it, and instead relying on lower assist levels, you can get a lot more miles out of your battery before the next charge. Another great tip is when you are going up hills, find alternative routes, like switchbacks. Riding up hills this way is ultimately less taxing on your e-Bike battery, and will save you a lot of juice.

We hope that these tips and tricks go a long way towards helping you keep your battery in great shape for many rides to come! Want to learn more about our batteries and the fantastic e-Bikes they power? Visit our website today!

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