e-Bikes on Facebook Campus

How a Silicon Valley leader is increasing employee productivity through transport

Increased efficiencies for employees

Employees who commute from distances that are achievable by an e-Bike are provided with one so that it saves their time stuck in traffic and finding parking.

Increased productivity for the company

The campus to uses existing parking infrastructures more effectively and also demonstrates their commitment to employee wellness and efficiency.

Reduced vehicles surrounding the campus

Shows stewardship within the community to addressing growing infrastructure constraints, and provides proof that local traffic is on their radar.


“GenZe e-bikes have helped our employees get across campus faster, run quick errands, and even get to and from work.”

In 2016, a leading Silicon Valley online company introduced 100 GenZe electric bikes onto their corporate campus in Menlo Park, CA.

Employees use these not only to move around campus faster but also to grab lunch and commute to and from the office. Some employees travel more than 10 miles each way to the office using GenZe e-Bikes.

This employee perk has provided efficiencies for individuals and increased productivity for the company.

It also has reduced the number of vehicles surrounding the campus and opened up parking.

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