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e-Scooter Parking Tips and Tricks

There are a ton of reasons to love our e-Scooters – they’re fun, cut out gas costs, allow you to breeze through traffic, and are the ultimate parking hack! But just because they are compact and able to fit into all sorts of parking situations doesn’t mean that it’s always smiled upon. We thought it would be nice to put together a list of tips for scooter parking etiquette so you know that you’re parking in the clear!

Know Your Local Laws

Since driving and parking laws differ from state to state, check out the DMV to get the most current information on what’s legal and what’s not. No one wants a ticket, and this is the quickest way to learn how not to get one!

Use Space Wisely

Scooters are great because they often can fit into places that don’t require parking fees or that cars can’t fit in! Since they are so compact, it’s important to be mindful of not using whole parking spaces if you don’t have to. With the growing popularity of two-wheel transportation, motorcycle and scooter parking is easy to find, which often relieves the need to use a whole car-sized parking spot.

Avoid Hill Parking

Hills are a lot of fun to go up and down, but they aren’t the safest place to park your scooter. If the hill is steep, it makes backing your scooter into the space difficult. Also, with gravity going against you, it can be hard to get the kick stand up when you are going to leave.

Look For Shorty Curbs

A shorty curb is a little space of curb that is too small for a car to park it, but they are fair game for scooters and free! You can often find them between the driveways of homes and businesses. Whenever possible, make space for other two-wheeled vehicles to share the space with you.

Stay Smart in Parking Lots

Parking structures tend to be chaotic places – and with low lighting, minimal visibility, and people in a rush, it’s no wonder why. When parking in these lots it’s always smart to park in motorcycle or scooter-designated parking. If that isn’t available, try to park farther away from cars with your scooter facing traffic. This is so if a driver thinks the spot is open and pulls in, the reflectors on your scooter can alert them before they bump your ride.

Practice General Etiquette

Sometimes you might find yourself in a parking situation where you aren’t sure what to do. A good general rule of thumb is to ask yourself if your parking will be an obstacle for another scooter, car, or pedestrian. If the answer is yes, it’s probably for the best that you move on and look for another spot.

Learning scooter parking etiquette is something that is acquired over time, but we hope that these basic tips help you get rock star parking, while being respectful of other people on two and four wheels. Want to see for yourself how much better life is when you’re on an e-scooter? Visit one of our amazing retailers in your area and take a GenZe 2.0 out on a test ride today!


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