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Modular design

Choose side or electronic locking center stand, and soft or hard locking backbay accessories to fit your needs. All come with the GenZe companion app with the ability to track and disable your scooter remotely to protect you from theft, plan routes, run diagnostics, and more.

Removable battery

Recharge on the go

Snap your battery in and out for easy charging and security. Plug it into any standard outlet for a boost on the fly.


Strong and sleek

The minimalistic cast-aluminum frame is lighter, performs better, and lasts longer than steel.

Back bay storage

Bigger is better

Handle any errand or adventure with the biggest trunk you’ve ever seen on 2 wheels. 3 bags of groceries? Work stuff and gym gear? Bring it on.

The GenZe app

Your perfect companion for the road ahead.

Manage your ride from the palm of your hand with route planning, remote diagnostics, geo-fencing, and more.

Theft prevention

The GenZe companion app allows you to see where your electric scooter is at all times. In the event that it has been moved or stolen, you can disable your scooter remotely, and track where it is, so you can quickly get it back. Watch out, thieves.

Safety alerts

If you hit a bump in the road, you can set alerts to notify both you, your emergency contact, and GenZe. Our team can run remote diagnostics and help get you up and running quickly and safely.

Weather integration

If you’re worried about a storm coming in or riding in the rain, our integrated weather feature will set your mind at ease. Enter your location and destination, and our connected platform will let you know if you’re in the clear.

Power port device charging

Plug in while you ride
You’re always looking for a place to plug in.

Charge your phone or tablet in your secure, under-seat USB port.

Cruise-connect touch screen

Control center

The 7-inch Cruise-Connect™ touchscreen display shows your speed, range and charge level, and lets you customize the ride to fit your needs. Whether you need more speed or want to go farther, the Cruise-Connect™ offers 3 riding modes, including a setting for those first learning to ride.

Breath easy


No gas, no harmful emissions. The Genze electric scooter was designed to balance low environmental impact with power and usability. Doing your part doesn’t always come with a price trade-off.

Back bay specs

The GenZe electric scooter can store A LOT!

Leave yours open for more vertical cargo, or customize it with an array of accessories for all types of gadgets and gear.

Cargo accessories

Keep your gear safe and dry with our 2.0 cargo accessories. Take it with you on the go.

  • Under Seat Bag
  • Expandable Back Bay Bag
  • Front Storage Bag (for 2.0 model only)
  • Battery Shoulder Strap
  • Cargo Adapter Kit
  • Back Bay Cover

Smooth & steady pickup

What people love most about the GenZe electric scooter is how it behaves—the throttle response is powerful and predictably smooth. The responsiveness and unmatched performance are the result of extensive testing & refinement that went into our proprietary control system. Our Powertrain Control Module is completely integrated over a CANbus network to control operation, and monitor and report on diagnostics.

Full spec list

Top speed
30 Mph

Charge time
100% in as little as 3.5hrs*

Driving modes
Sport economy & easy

Charger input power
110v ac 5 amps

Carrying capacity
295 Lbs.

Regenerative braking

Up to 35 Miles

0-30 Mph < 10 sec

Powder coated aluminum

Removable li-ion battery
2.0 Kwh

Curb weight
232 Lbs.


Download full spec list here
*Specs are subject to change and may vary based on conditions

Three year warranty

We’ve got you covered

Our comprehensive 3-year/5,400 mile warranty keeps you protected for the road ahead.

Safety courses

Learn to ride in no time

Fun and educational classes teach you the rules of the road, and get you cruising on your GenZe electric scooter. It’s like riding a bike (only way more fun).

Find local class and license info through your local DMV.


Engineered in the US with your safety in mind

Riding the GenZe electric scooter is amazing. But if you’re new to riding, we recommend taking an in-person safety course to understand the rules of the road.

Once you complete that, you’re 2/3 of the way to getting your M2 license

(all that’s left is a quick trip to the DMV), so you might as well finish the job.

Ride Smart

Make sure to wear a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved motorcycle helmet when operating the GenZe electric scooter.

Max load weight

Never exceed the maximum load capacity. The combined weight of you, your gear, and any accessories must never exceed maximum load capacity of 304 lbs. (138 kg).

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about where to buy, fleet sales, and dealer info.

Ownership FAQ

A quick guide to frequently asked questions

Can I ride the GenZe e-Scooter in bike lanes?

It depends on where you live. In many states, you cannot. In California, the GenZe electric scooter is considered a motorized bicycle in the eyes of the law (Vehicle Code 406). According to the Vehicle Code 21207.5, it states that:

“It is allowed to be ridden on bike lanes as long as it is within or adjacent to a roadway or unless the local authority or the governing body of a public agency having jurisdiction over the path or trail permits, by ordinance, that operation.”

You can’t, however, ride on bike paths within the State of California.

Can my GenZe e-Scooter be washed?

As with any electric vehicle, care should always be taken when washing. We suggest not using high pressure washers or spraying excessive water on the battery or connectors.

Do I need a motorcycle license to ride a GenZe?

That depends on where you live. Contact your local DMV for more information.

Where can I go to get my GenZe e-Scooter charged?

Simply put: anywhere with electricity. The GenZe e-Scooter has a rechargeable battery pack the size of a standard briefcase. To recharge, simply take the battery pack out and plug it into any standard outlet. The GenZe e-Scooter can also be recharged without taking out the battery by plugging the battery’s removable cord into a wall outlet in your garage.

Is the GenZe e-Scooter heavy?

With a solid cast aluminum frame, the GenZe e-Scooter weighs 232 pounds. The sturdy exoskeleton helps you stay connected to the road, and maintain your center of gravity easily. However, the removable battery pack is about 30 pounds, which makes charging a breeze.

Is there a consumer product warranty on the GenZe e-Scooter?

Yes, for our New e-Scooters we offer a 12-month / 1,200 miles warranty (whichever comes first), to learn more click here.

Does the connected app provide service/diagnostics remotely?

Yes, your Mobile App will run a diagnostic scan of your e-Scooter and report any issues found. It will also indicate the severity of the issue and direct you to call GenZe service if required.

Where can I buy a GenZe e-Bike or GenZe e-Scooter?

To search for a retailer near you, please click here. For our 100 and 200 series e-Bikes, and all of our accessories, you can also purchase online.

How fast will the GenZe e-Scooter go?

The GenZe e-Scooter will go up to 30mph. And while you can’t take it on highways, it works on over 80% of city streets.

How far will the GenZe e-Scooter go on a single charge?

The GenZe e-Scooter will go up to 35 miles per charge. Range is affected by the weight of the rider, the type of terrain, and the speed in which the GenZe e-Scooter is driven. And did you know that the average commute is less than 8 miles a day?


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