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Exploring Alameda On My GenZe 2.0

If you’ve never been to Alameda, you are in for a real treat! Just close your eyes and image a picturesque slice of Americana culture – classic cars, cute diners, art deco movie theaters, and picket fences. There is no way around it, Alameda is precious, and a great place to explore. So, charge up your 2.0 and get ready to spend a day on one of the Bay’s cutest islands. Here are our picks for must see stops.

The Pacific Pinball Museum

Pinball is quickly regaining popularity here in the United States, and what better way to introduce yourself to this fun new fad than paying a visit to the Pacific Pinball Museum. With 90 vintage and modern pinball machines the Pacific Pinball Museum is a great place to take everyone from kids to out of town guests. The admission fee covers the cost of playing the machines, so be sure to have lots of time to enjoy all the games! Driving to the Museum it becomes quickly apparent how well-suited the 2.0 is for Alameda. With an island-wide speed limit of 30 MPH, the GenZe 2.0 perfectly keeps up with the pace of traffic, which makes your ride even sweeter.

Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach

Trying to figure out if you should go to the park or the beach isn’t the worst dilemma to have, but thankfully the Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach gives you the best of both worlds! Located on 8th and Otis, this beautiful park is situated right on the Alameda shore. The park is home to a ball field, an amazing dog park, and a long stretch of beach perfect for stand-up paddle boarding or a long stroll. And whether you’re on the beach or in the grass, Crown Park is the perfect place to meet up with friends for a picnic. This means you can take advantage of the 2.0’s spacious back bay and load it full of sandwiches, snacks and drinks, for a perfect day with friends.

Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Fair

Before we tell you about this wonderful spot, a word or warning: if you like things that are old, strange, and beautiful, you might never want to leave. The Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Fair, located at the Port of Alameda, takes place on the first Sunday of the month and is Northern California’s largest antique fair. Seekers of ephemera, clothing, jewelry, pottery, furniture, home decorations, and collectibles will be in luck. The fair contains over 800 vendors, which means there is always just one more booth to check out. Naturally this is a popular event, and though there is a large parking lot, it can be hard to find a spot. Thankfully, the 2.0 allows you to find rock star parking right up close.

We hope that you take the opportunity to visit these three places and have an adventure of your own. After all, the GenZe 2.0 makes it easy to explore and Alameda is a perfect place to do that! Have a blast and we can’t wait to see you on the road!

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