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Exploring Chinatown on my GenZe 2.0

I love my job. Working as an assistant in the financial district definitely has its perks (easy BART access, great views and the thrill of city living that we all seek in our twenties), but I can’t help but to feel a little bit overwhelmed when I take my breaks. It’s actually kinda cold over here – the tall buildings make for constant shade, and it can get a little bit slow and stuffy in the afternoon.


The apprehension was running deep as I considered buying my GenZe. After a little bit of research, I buckled down and started saving for one, and I haven’t looked back. This thing is awesome.

Instead of scurrying to Chipotle every week (which I would be happy to do), I can break free from the constrains of the Financial District to explore more of The City by the Bay. One of my favorite adventures so far is a trip to Chinatown. It’s pretty close, and if you plan ahead by ordering food to-go from your desk, you can actually have a nice little day trip to interrupt your workload.

Ordering ahead of time is crucial to enjoying your break on a scooter, so I highly recommend doing so. I placed my order at 11:40-ish and waited for the clock to strike 12:00. There’s plenty of good eats in Chinatown, but all of my coworkers had been raving about The House (at Grant Ave & Fresno St.). I’m from the Midwest, so anytime I hear bacon I can’t resist! I saw that The House offered an Ahi BLT, and I jumped right on it!


But let’s get to the numbers. It would’ve taken my 11 minutes (1/3rd of my lunch) to walk here on foot, but with the scooter, I was able to make it in four minutes! This left a whole 25 minutes to do some exploring and I got it IN!

If you’re like me and you’re still getting to know San Francisco, you’ll think that every place you find is a secret. I found mine at the corner of  Vallejo & Kearny. Look at this view! What a nice place to chill and get down on my awesome BLT (time until break is over – 20 minutes).


I’ve learned that The Bay Area takes its coffee seriously, and in an attempt to blend in, I’ve put myself above the office coffee (but I still think it’s really good!). I found a neat spot called Reveille Coffee Co. to head to after chowing down on my sandwich (time until break is over – 10 minutes).


I’m a simple guy, so black coffee always does the trick for me – and Reveille’s is great! However, if you’re into drinks that take a little bit more effort, you may not have time to squeeze this stop in. The scooter has a cool little compartment beneath the handlebars that made a perfect resting spot for my coffee as I drove. After stopping here and hopping back on the GenZe, I had five minutes to spare.


If you’re worried about the city’s hills, don’t. I was too at first, but after heading up a few steep streets in Sport Mode, I knew that it wouldn’t be an issue. So, in one day, I was able to be an employee, a tourist, an adventurer and an efficient EV enthusiast all with the help of my electric scooter. Thanks, GenZe!



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