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Exploring East Bay Farmers Markets On My GenZe 2.0

Farmers markets are one of the best parts of living in the Bay Area! Every weekend there are tons of outdoor markets where you can get locally grown, sustainable fresh food and flowers. In a world where food production is becoming increasingly anonymous, farmers markets are a great place to meet the people who grow your food and support your community by shopping locally. So last week I did a tour of some of the Bay Area’s best farmers markets on my GenZe 2.0 electric scooter.

Grand Lake Farmers Market

Located across the street from the iconic Grand Lake Theater, the Grand Lake Farmers Market takes place every Saturday, rain or shine, from 9 AM to 2 PM. The market has tons of vendors and it’s a great place to pick up huge bouquets of flowers, mouth-watering baked goods, and seasonally available fruits and veggies. I always go to this market with a list of things I need, but with such a beautiful array of fruits and veggies, I notice my bags get a lot fuller than I intended. Thankfully the back bay of my 2.0 can accommodate my bounty with no problem!

Downtown Berkeley Farmers Market

Located in Berkeley near the Downtown Berkeley BART Station, this farmers market takes place every Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. It’s a great place to pick up produce, get your knives sharpened, buy Three Twins ice cream, and check out the live music. The only downside to this farmers market is lack of parking. But thankfully finding parking for the GenZe 2.0 is beyond easy and makes going to this market even sweeter.

Jack London Square Farmers Market

This scenic farmers market is located in Oakland’s Jack London Square and boasts an amazing view of the San Francisco Bay. It’s open every Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM. Besides being a scenic place to pick up produce, the Jack London Farmers market has amazing crepes smothered with Nutella, artisan cheeses, and delicious olive oils. Located at the end of Oakland’s bustling Broadway Avenue, traffic can sometimes get a bit backed up. But thankfully, since you’re able to travel in the bike lane on the 2.0, breezing past the lines of cars is easy as pie.

In a world where errand lists seem to stretch on forever, it’s nice to know that thanks to my local outdoor markets and the 2.0 going grocery shopping is a task that I look forward to every week. Not only do I get to shop locally, but I can do it quickly, easily, and have a blast in the process.

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