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Exploring Marin on my GenZe 2.0

I had an opportunity to take the GenZe 2.0 for a ride in Marin this weekend. Having only ridden on closed test courses, bringing this out on the road was a totally¬†different experience! I was flying by cars with a twist of the throttle. I haven’t spent much time in Marin, so this was a great introduction.


I started my ride in¬†Greenbrae. With a nice selection of local shops and restaurants, I could’ve stayed there all day! Cars were super friendly on the road, and there were nice bike lanes to ride on if the street’s speed limit was over 30mph. I highly recommend R’Noh Thai if your looking to fill your belly before cruising around – the chicken samosas are really good!


I was a bit skeptical as the roads became less residential and more highway-esq. However, after about two minutes heading up, I learned that cars were just as friendly up here as they were in town. I was met with patience and even a few interested head turns as I continued! I couldn’t believe how much of the Bay I could see from up here.


In addition to amazing views, taking my 2.0 up through the hills also gave me the opportunity to see the Redwoods! I’m still relatively new to the state of California, so this was one of the first chances I’ve had to get up close to these giants. My inner Star Wars nerd was screaming at the fact that my 2.0 looked like a storm trooper on Endor. What an awesome ride!

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