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Featured Rider Profile: Meet Daniyel

Name: Daniyel Turner

Age: 23

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Current City: Berkeley, CA

Modes of Transportation: BART & e-Bike

Favorite Place to Lock Up: Temescal

Favorite Bike Lane: Market St.

It’s been about eight months since I moved from Chicago to Berkeley. Chitown is synonymous with the Cubs, deep dish pizza, and Lollapalooza, but everyone seems to forget that it’s freezing. It gets so cold over there that owning a bicycle was never in the cards for me. Now that I’m in The Bay Area, it makes more sense. You can actually step foot outside year-round, and not spend the winter hibernating with Netflix and beer. And trust me – there’s a lot to do here.

One of the biggest concerns when getting around on an e-bike is finding appropriate places to lock up, and The Bay Area is very conscious about giving you plenty of options. For example, if you take a ride on Telegraph Ave. through Temescal, you can see bike racks outside almost every store! It’s super reassuring to know that your baby will be safe while you head inside to shop. The Bay Area is also into outdoor dining, and you’ll never know the comfort of stuffing your face with a big, fat burrito on Taqueria La Familia’s patio in Berkeley while keeping your eyes on your locked up bike until you try it!

e-bikeI’m also a big fan of going out and being by the water.. It’s a nice way to take a step back and wind down from a work day that requires 24/7 communication. Between chillin’ at Albany Beach and heading over to Lake Merritt, it’s really easy to get my water fix in when I need it. Sorry, Lake Michigan, but the frozen waves in January were not a good look!

It’s been a crazy year of adjusting and finding new places to hang in The Bay Area, but I’m definitely looking forward to exploring with my e-101.

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