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Featured Rider Profile: Meet Sarah

Age: 27

Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

Current City: Oakland, CA

Modes of Transportation: Walking, Bart, e-Bike

Favorite Place to Lock Up: Downtown Berkeley

Favorite Bike Lane: 40th Street, west of Telegraph

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for almost three years now. I moved here after a four year work/play stint in Yosemite National Park. After a brief visit, I knew I could call the Bay Area home. I love the Bay because it offers an ideal blend of culture and nature that I have yet to find in my travels around the United States. The weather it pretty perfect, too.

Growing up in suburban Detroit, bikes were synonymous with the summers of my youth. I could tell which house my friends were congregating at by the bikes strewn about the front yard. Bikes gave us a sense of freedom and adventure, knowing as long as we could pedal there and be home by cerfew, the world was our oyster.

Being in Oakland now isn’t very different. Bike culture has made a resurgance and opens up the possibilities of transportation for people like myself who choose not to have a car. After living in a National Park, I became very environmentally concerned and try to reduce my carbon footprint whenever possible.

Having a bike helped this, but having an e-bike gave me the feeling of freedom I had as a kid back in Detroit. I can shoot up to Berkeley faster than public transit, I can get into the hills to go hiking, I can bike to Jack London to see a movie, and I can have the e-bike help me bike back if my legs are tired. My GenZe e-Bike is also great for getting me to and from the city, whether I choose to take it on BART, or use the AC Transit bus system.

Some things have changed since the 90’s. I now think its cool to wear a helmet, I always lock up my bike, and I no longer own a pair of parachute pants. Some things haven’t changed: I still have a blast going on bike rides.

I’m excited to explore more of the Bay WITHOUT a car with my GenZe e-102.

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