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GenZe 2.0s Are On The Road!

After years of development, we’re happy to announce that the GenZe 2.0 has hit the streets. The world’s first electric connected scooter is finally here.

We’ve been hard at work developing the GenZe 2.0, and turning this dream into a reality. Our team has buckled down to introduce the world to a viable solution to the congested commuting climate that has become standard in the US. In fact, 80% of car commutes are made while driving alone. We’re ready to merge into the GenZe lane – and it all starts with our first riders.

Genze 2.0s

Smiles were contagious as Michael and Sonja were greeted with the world’s first GenZe 2.0. Once the keys were handed off, it finally settled in just how special this moment was. This Fremont couple is sure to turn heads as they cruise around town in their brand new set of wheels. When asked about their first experience riding, Sonja replied, “It runs fantastically. It’s smooth and quiet, and there’s a lot of power. I can’t believe it’s electric!”

Genze 2.0s

In addition to Sonja and Michael, Saif of Oakland, CA hopped on his very own GenZe 2.0 last week as well. Parking can be a pain in an apartment complex, and his new scooter makes sure that space is never an issue. As a student in the East Bay, owning an electric scooter makes getting to and from class a breeze! When asked about what he’s most excited for about owning a GenZe 2.0, he said “I usually ride the 1R – the least reliable bus route. I’m really hoping that this will cut my commute down. The bus takes 37 minutes, and I think I can make it in 25 minutes now.”

We’re thrilled to see depositors light up as they receive the very first GenZe 2.0s. It’s been a long journey to develop the next step in sustainable transportation, but the adventure is only beginning.

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