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The GenZe App Saves One Rider’s Day

Urban livings got everything: museums, cool events, great shopping, and theft. It’s the issue of theft that was on our minds when we designed our e-Scooters to come with a companion app that allow riders to receive alerts and track their e-Scooters. It’s a very handy feature that we hope that our riders never have to use themselves, but we get a case of the warm fuzzys when a rider’s stolen 2.0 has been retrieved thanks to our app. That’s why when we heard Shannon’s story of how her 2.0 was stolen, and then retrieved, thanks to the app we just had to tell it.

Holiday Blues

When Shannon, rode her GenZe e-Scooter to work the week before Christmas, she was feeling footloose and fancy free. After all, the holidays were just around the corner, she had a nice lunch planned with her team and work, and she had scored a great spot in front of her office building. What could be better! It was when she was at lunch, her app pinged to let her know that her e-Scooter had been moved. “I went out a few minutes later,” Shannon told us, “and it was gone!”

Gumshoe Instincts

Jumping into action, Shannon immediately alerted the Detroit Police that her ride had been stolen. “I knew where it was because of the GPS on the app, but after about a week of back and forth with the police, I decided to do some investigation myself.” Shannon walked around the area where her e-Scooter was sure to have passed and began asking local business owners if they saw it roll by. This lead her straight to Detroit School of Digital Technology. “I told them my story of my stolen 2.0 and how I knew where it was and that I didn’t know how to get it back.”

Successful Recovery

After hearing her story, the guys at DSDT offered to help her find it. Together they drove to the GPS location on the app. “We got to the location, and it was a house with a large garage.” The helpful gents from DSDT got out and knocked on the door. They showed the people who answered the door the app, showing the GPS location of Shannon’s e-Scooter and explained what it looked like. The people living at the house said it had been sold to them and it was in their garage. “After waiting a few minutes, the garage door opened, and they wheeled my scooter out!” Shannon said, “I hopped on and rode off. I couldn’t have gotten it back without the companion app or the DSTS guys!”

Now that’s the kind of story we love to hear. Riders staying one step ahead of the thieves, with help from the GenZe companion app and some friendly folks. We can help but feel great when folks get their beloved rides back. Want to feel secure that you’re ride will always be waiting for you? Visit our page and learn more about our smart, connected electric scooters!

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