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GenZe in Portland

At GenZe, we live with the belief that there are better ways to get around. Portlanders understand that getting around the city doesn’t just have to be with a car, or a bike, or the bus – it can actually be any or all three! The GenZe 2.0 and the GenZe ebike are designed for a city like Portland; as a resident of 15 years (the last 10 without a car) it just makes sense to me. GenZe is different than other products- the 2.0 has enormous carrying capacity for all your gear and groceries, and the e-bike makes a longer ride much faster and easier.

When we entered the Portland market, we didn’t want to just put up some billboards and say, “Hey Portland, we’re here!!!!” Instead, we wanted to truly weave ourselves into the efficient transportation and sustainability character of this city. There’s a thriving innovative community in Portland that is rethinking and reshaping how we move around the city. So we approached these leaders first, and asked how we could help. People like Drive Oregon, the BTA, Lloyd Eco District, and the PSU Bike HUB leant an ear, and provided feedback to help us fit into the transportation landscape and meet real needs.

It is important to us to exist within the community, and not try to just sell vehicles. It’s the difference between barging into a room and knocking before entering. We’re not here to change Portland; we’re here to help make it better.

With the help of the community, and people like you, we see a bright future for Portland….and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!

Let’s ride.


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