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GenZe Recreational E-Bike e102 Review


A good balance of affordable options (weaker motor, entry level parts and one color) with a thoughtful custom design (mid-mounted battery, multiple frame sizes, integrated wires)

Large display panel is easy to read but not removable, independent button pad is convenient to operate when riding

Relaxed upright position, relatively quiet operation and two drive modes (assist or throttle on demand)

The Recreational e102 electric bike is an entry level build from GenZe, an ebike subsidiary of the Mahindra Group (an Indian multinational automobile manufacturing corporation headquartered in Mumbai). This thing offers a nice purpose built frame with good weight distribution, removable battery pack for convenient charging and easy transportation, pedal assist and throttle mode and it comes in two frame sizes. In my opinion it’s a pretty solid ebike considering the ~$1,500 price tag, 18 month warranty and optional suspension fork upgrade.

In comparison to the high-step e101 from GenZe, the e102 delivers a more upright ride, is easier to mount and comes in smaller frame sizes. While the components on both of these electric bikes aren’t top of the line, the gear range is limited and the aesthetic is more basic in my view, they could be a great option for students and other price sensitive buyers.


The motor on the GenZe e102 is a 250 watt geared hub that’s mounted in the rear. Being geared, it offers a bit more torque for starting and climbing and is also small and light weight but it’s not as durable as a gearless option or as efficient as a mid-drive. This is your generic, “get the job done” kind of motor and it shines in this capacity. It’s relatively quiet as shown in the video review above and it practically disappears behind the 160 mm mechanical disc brake rotor on the left and seven speed Shimano Tourney cassette on the right. Overall, this is a fairly stealth ebike meaning that it blends in with normal bikes. I also like the torque sensing pedal assist setup here, some other bikes feel too responsive and the power feels uneven as you push forward with each foot. The e102 feels smooth ovarall and climbs quiete well in pedal assist mode.

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