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Get Fit With an e-Bike? You Bet!

We’re sure you’ve heard it somewhere, a naysayer talking about how electric bikes are an exercise cheat because the bike is doing all the work – and not you. Haters can talk all they want but e-Bikes are a great way for folks to get started, or continue, to stay fit. Read on to learn more about how e-Bikes can help you on your way to a healthy new life!

How It Works

Getting fit with an e-Bike is just like getting your workout with a standard bike – but with a boost when you need one. Our e-Bikes have three modes, so you can get what help you need from your bike. A lot of people get started by using one of the five levels of pedal assist and decreasing it as they get stronger. You can also use the bike like a standard one, or you can use the full-throttle to help give your legs a break after a tough ride.

An App to Help

Our 200 Series e-Bike brings even more to the fitness table with it’s handy companion app that allows you to measure your exertion levels. The more you ride, the stronger you get, and you’ll see your exertion levels rise. Nothing beats being able to see your progress, and this app gives you the pat on the back you need to reward your hard work. Another way the app is great is you can also get a friend involved and share your progress with one another. After all, friendly competition can be a good motivator!

Real Life Success

The real question remains, can you really get healthy on an e-Bike? We reached out to GenZe rider, Anton, who told us, “I got my e-Bike last year I’ve already lost 40 pounds!”

Looking to start your own story? Check out our amazing 100 and 200 Series e-Bikes and get ready to ride into a healthier future!

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