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GenZe Rider Jennifer: Exploration & E-bikes

When we created our e-bikes, we wanted to make them functional, fun, and a tool to help people commute and run their errands. We also wanted to empower people to go on adventures they might not otherwise be able to access. Our Oakland rider Jennifer perfectly melds the practical use with an explorer’s spirit. We sat down and chatted with her about how her e-bike gets her to work and beyond.

What made you want to get an e-bike?

I ride my standard bike often, but am usually wary of routes with hills. I don’t have the stamina to get very far uphill. I wanted something that I could use for exercise and also to be able to explore the East Bay more.

What were you most surprised about with your GenZe e-bike?

I was most surprised at how far you can go on a battery charge. Not that long ago my analog bike had a flat and I didn’t have time to get some tubes at the shop. I used that bike to commute to work so I was in bind. I pulled out my GenZe e-bike and now it’s my regular commute bike! On normal assist I can get to and from work for about 4 days. I got nervous and charged it up on the 5th day, but it was still showing 1 bar. I probably could have made it.

Did you have any fears or concerns when you first got your GenZe e-bike?

The weight concerned me, but it is not an issue once you get moving.

How has your e-bike changed the way you get around?

It is great when I want to get to places I can’t get on a normal bike. I was able to ride all the way up Broadway to Tilden Park one day. I love how much it allows me to explore. I can use it like a regular bike for exercise, and then when I need a little extra pedal assist, it is perfect. I have a lot of fun on it. It’s also great when I am running errands. It gets me around quickly, which means I get my errands done fast.

Do you use your GenZe e-bike for commuting, exercise, fun or a combination of the above?

I use it for all three. I do a lot more exploration now that I have it and I find myself taking the long way home from work more and more. I have a car, but I have started using my bike more for errands and stuff. It makes things easy and it’s nice to be out riding.

What are some of your favorite rides you have taken on your GenZe e-bike?

The trip to Tilden that I mentioned before was great. But honestly, the maiden voyage was pretty stellar. Picking up the bike from the store and riding it home, cruising around my neighborhood was a lot of fun. Nothing like the first time!

What are some rides you are hoping to go on this spring/summer?

I hope to get to more East Bay Parks. The East Bay Parks Department has unrolled a self-guided trails challenge for the year. I hope to ride my bike up to the parks in the hill, get in a good hike, and cruise back down to my home in West Oakland. I also want to ride all along the estuary trail to Golden Gate Fields and go bet on some ponies!

If you could change one thing about your e-bike what would it be and why?

It’s difficult to carry up my stairs, but then I discovered the “walk” mode, suddenly stairs weren’t a problem anymore. The GenZe e-bike just crawls up them!

Any advice for new e-bike riders?

If you want to go far, resist the urge to go full throttle, no assist. Even on heavy to moderate assist you’ll be surprised how much battery life you save.

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