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A Love Story on Two Wheels

Love is in the air, so we decided to reach out to Larry and Joan, the two people behind one of our favorite GenZe stories. Get ready for a heart-warming tale on two wheels!

A Twist on Tradition

With Larry and Joan’s 32nd anniversary drawing close, Larry started researching what the traditional gift for this occasion should be. “According to my research, the traditional present for a 32nd year together was ‘a means of conveyance.’ I knew it meant a car, but I wanted to get Joan something special that she’d love. She’d always talked about wanting a scooter, and I knew she was into products that positively influence the environment, so I started looking.” This quest lead Larry straight to GenZe. “I saw it and I knew Joan would love it, so I put my order in for a lime green scooter.”

An Anniversary Surprise

Once the order had been placed, Joan could tell that Larry had a budding case of GenZe envy. So, without his knowing, she sneakily put in an order in for a black 2.0 for Larry. On the day the e-Scooters were dropped off, Larry, Joan, and their kids, were waiting in the driveway as the GenZe van pulled up. Our team, who was also in on the ruse, unloaded a black GenZe 2.0. Larry, thinking a mistake had been made, was naturally a little peeved, “I was a little upset, but I was trying not to show it.” Larry explained, “I asked if they’d check the van again to see if there was a green one in there.” Lo and behold, there was a lime green GenZe in the van. As they stood around admiring Joan’s new ride, Larry started to wonder why no one was loading the black e-Scooter back into the van. That’s when our Chief of Staff, John Hohulin, presented Larry with a card and told the two newest e-Scooter owner happy anniversary. “I was so excited!” said Larry, “It was a great surprise.”

Scootin’ Together

Since getting their e-Scooters three years ago, Larry and Joan continue to love their electric scooters just as much as when they first arrived. “We love them,” Larry tells us, “During the warmer months we both drive them every single day to work. On the weekends we take rides along the coast together. It’s just wonderful.”

We’re proud and honored to be included in such a wonderful surprise, and we love hearing how Larry and Joan continue to spread the GenZe love. Want to create a two-wheel love story for you and your main squeeze? Visit our website and see for yourself how the gift of two wheels is really the sweetest way to go.

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