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Meet the GenZe 200 Series Companion App

We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz about our new, fully-connected 200 Series electric bikes. But the newest electric bike from GenZe is so much more than a great way to get around on two wheels, its companion app allows you to experience riding like never before. With tons of great features, we thought we’d introduce you to some of our favorite aspects of the 200 Series companion app!

Ride with Confidence

Worrying about how your bike is performing is never fun, and with our companion app, it’s a thing of the past. The diagnostics feature of the app gives you the peace of mind that your e-Bike is running at it’s best, all the time. Sensors located throughout the e-Bike let you know if there’s an error, where it’s coming from, and instructs you on what to do next. By eliminating any worry about performance, you know that every ride is going to be the best.

Ride Intelligently

At GenZe we understand that you use your electric bike to get you to all parts of your life. Be it a quick ride to the office or a long trail ride, our app takes your activity into account and lets you monitor your exertion levels, battery life, and track usage. By understanding how your e-Bike takes you through your day is the first step in harnessing the experience of a fully-connected ride.

Maximize the Fun

The companion app is ticket for addressing the nuts and bolts of your e-Bike, but what about the fun stuff? Fear not! The 200 Series app lets you maximize your joy-factor too. Save your best rides, plan your new favorite rides, and, if you choose, share your location so other GenZe riders can admire your great ride!

The new 200 Series app is the perfect combination of practical and fun, and it’s only going to get better! Want to see for yourself how connecting to your 200 Series e-Bike will open a whole new world or riding? Download it on iTunes or Google Play and get ready to see how great riding smart really is!

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