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Meet Our Riders: Gregory Jbara

Age: 54

Hometown: Westland, MI

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Modes of Transportation: American Airlines A321, Music Express Car Service, Bus, light rail, subway, Chevy Blazer, Toyota Sienna, Xootr, Giant Roam, GenZe e101 Sport!

Favorite Place to Lock Up: Annenberg Community Beach House/Back On The Beach Café

Favorite Bike Lane: Culver Blvd. Bike Path

Your metabolism definitely takes a vacation not long after you start needing reading glasses.  For me, everything started going south after my 46th birthday.  I didn’t realize how dependent I was on the rigors of an eight-show-a-week Broadway schedule to keep the body fat at bay.  I went from being a city-living, street-walking musical theatre actor in BILLY ELLIOT to an LA resident who has a car take him from the house in LA, to the plane, to the car, to the New York hotel, back to the car, to the set, back to the car AGAIN, to the New York hotel, to the car, to the plane, to the car, to my LA house.


The shooting schedule for the CBS cop show BLUE BLOODS doesn’t allow for much gym time while in NY.  My character on the show, “DCPI Garrett Moore” sits at a desk and occasionally walks down a hall to confront his boss, played by Tom Selleck.  Nowhere NEAR the calorie burn that my character “Dad” saw from yelling and beating his sons to song and dance three hours at a time at The Imperial Theatre.  And let’s not even TALK about the amazing restaurants in New York!  So, I had to amp up my aerobic life in Los Angeles.  Cue graphic for the GenZe e101!  No the bike trailer is NOT big enough to have the GenZe replace the Sienna as I carpool the kids, but when I AM disciplined enough to slap on the riding spanks, that “Mode 1” pedal assist sure makes starting back up an easy and beautiful thing.  I love my GenZe!

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