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Meet Our Riders: Jacquelyn

If you haven’t heard, the GenZe 2.0 is now on the road! This means that we’re welcoming a whole new batch of riders to the GenZe lane – and sharing their experiences with you. Meet Jacquelyn. 


Name: Jacquelyn McCormick

Age: 60s

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Occupation: Designer (check out her work at

Modes of transportation: husband has a car, I have an SUV, now we have a GenZe 2.0

What attracted you to the 2.0? 

I have an SUV because I haul stuff around for my job. I really wanted to do something to offset my carbon footprint to run around town and do errands, and I really love to buy American.

I had looked at Vespas for years, but since it was gas and internationally made, I didn’t go for it. However, when I heard about the GenZe, I knew that I had to have it. This gives me an opportunity to drive downtown and do my shopping — and its all electric!

How do you use the 2.0?

For running errands and going to meetings in downtown Berkeley, mostly.

What are your first impressions with it? The app? How it drives?

It was so easy to handle. I was a little timid at first, but it was really easy to manage. And it doesn’t make any noise.

I live in the steep hills of Berkeley, and my husband was convinced it wasn’t going to make it. But, when I put it in Sport Mode, it just flew up the hill!

What is one thing you’d share with others considering purchasing a 2.0?

The value I think is amazing. I spent more on my bicycle than I spent on my GenZe. Its easy to maneuver, it’s really stable, and it has a HUGE storage compartment. You can really carry a lot of stuff in there! And finally, its just fun.

We’re so happy to learn about Jacquelyn’s first week with her GenZe 2.0, and can’t wait to hear more. Love your GenZe e-bike or 2.0? Send an email to socialmedia [at] to share your story.

Enjoy the Ride!

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