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National Bike Month History

May is one of the best months of the year – the weather is warm, the days are long, and most importantly, it’s National Bike Month! As a company dedicated to the benefits of two-wheeled transportation, you’d better believe that we are beyond excited—-so much that we’ve put together a brief history of National Bike Month so you can see how far this holiday has come, and get stoked for where it’s going!

Bike Month’s Early Beginnings

National Bike Month was established in 1956 to highlight the many benefits of biking. In the first few years, the motivation of Bike Month was to teach children bike safety and road-riding techniques. There wasn’t an active focus on adults who ride bikes, but that would quickly change.

Advocating Adult Riding

In the 1960s, Bike Month took on a distinctly different tone when Dr. Paul Dudley White became its spokesperson. Dr. White staunchly advocated the health benefits biking for adults, as well as children. He also began to work to increase biking infrastructure so that more people could bike safely in their communities. This marked the beginning of National Bike Month expanding its influence on American culture.

Environmentalism and Biking

Following Dr. White’s early advocacy, the popularity of National Bike Month grew exponentially. By the early 1980s, National Bike Month began expand it’s focus to the positive environmental impact biking has. Driven by studies showing that bikes are central to saving money and resources, the month of May was no longer just for having fun, it was about saving the world through bikes.

Bike Month Today

Today, National Bike Month is a beautiful marriage of fun, environmentalism, education, and urban planning. It’s a time when communities across America dedicate new bike lanes, host bike workshops and rides, and challenge folks to enjoy their bikes, and all the benefits they bring, every day.

We hope that everyone gets to make the most of National Bike Month. We ourselves plan to hop on our e-Bikes and take to the streets, because after all, life really is better on two wheels! Happy riding everyone!

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