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North Block Hotel Let’s You See Wine Country on Two Wheels

The elegant North Block Hotel pretty much has it all. Located in Yountville, North Block Hotel offers guests 20 sophisticated rooms, a lovely spa, and a delectable restaurant in a heavenly location. They’ve even made exploring Yountville even sweeter for their guests by providing them access to GenZe e-Bikes – free of charge! To help get you excited about visiting North Block Hotel and taking in all that Yountville has to offer, we’ve put together this list of places you’ll love riding to during your time there.

Yountville Art Walk

With over forty pieces of outdoor sculptures dappling the streets of downtown, the Yountville Art Walk is a great way to take in the creative spirit of the town. From a towering stack of vivid orange slices to modern metal marvels, the Art Walk is full of surprises for your eyes.

Napa Valley Museum

Located in the heart of Yountville, the Napa Valley Museum treats visitors to an elegant education in art, history, and the unique geographical landscape of the area. This world class museum features exhibits, collections, and educational programs so there’s something perfect for everyone, regardless of age or interest.

Kollar Chocolates

At first glance, Kollar Chocolates looks more like a gem store than a candy store. Each of their handmade chocolates are bursting with decadent, bright flavors and look (almost) too good to eat. Artisan Chocolatier, Chris Kollar, happily shares his passion and knowledge about chocolate with visitors and invites them to watch these sweet treats being created in their incredible test kitchen.

Domaine Chandon

You can’t visit wine country without taking in at least one winery, and Yountville’s Domaine Chandon is a must see. With beautiful sweeping grass laws sprinkled with welcoming chairs, Domaine Chandon is the perfect location to learn about and sample the delicious wines they make.

We hope that you all get the opportunity to stay at the beautiful North Block Hotel and see for yourself just how magical the Napa Valley truly is. If you fall in love with their GenZe e-Bikes while you are zipping around town, never fear! Simply click on this link and you can learn more about how to get your very own GenZe electric bike. Happy riding!

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