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Portland Rider Says Goodbye To Cars

Here at GenZe we believe that there is a better, and smarter, way of getting yourself from point A to point B. After all, most of us live, work, and play within a seven mile radius, so using a car is quickly becoming impractical. Portland rider, Leselee, took this into account, and decided she didn’t want a car – she wanted a GenZe e-Scooter. We sat down with Leslee and talked with her about saying goodbye to four wheels, becoming a riding pro, and the added benefits of going electric.

What made you get your GenZe e-Scooter?

I had gotten into a car accident and was on the market to replace my car. Then I saw the GenZe e-Scooter on display in the lobby of the credit union I use here in Portland. It was love at first sight. The scooter looked so cool and the trunk space was perfect for what I needed. You see, I’m an artist, so I need a vehicle with space to carry my supplies and help me on my post office runs when I ship things. I felt like the GenZe could meet all of those needs.

Did you have any experience riding scooters before buying it?

No! I had never ridden one before buying my GenZe. I was definitely nervous at first.

What made you nervous?

Well, I felt like I was maybe too old to become a scooter rider. It seems silly to say, but the fact I had never ridden a scooter before was really daunting. So I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t do it, but it was always on my mind. Finally, I decided I at least had to go and see it for myself. So I went and talked with Todd at the Portland Experience Center and he really eased my mind. Suddenly owning a scooter didn’t seem impossible.

As a complete novice, how did you prepare yourself for e-Scooter ownership?

Well, Todd at the Portland Experience Center showed me the ropes. I took two really long test rides and saw for myself how easy to operate the GenZe is. After I took those test rides, I wanted to get myself really familiar with the rules of the road. So, I took the Oregon motorcycle training course and really got riding safety down. The course was really fantastic and it gave me a lot of confidence in my riding. I recommend it for everyone looking to get a scooter. My GenZe was delivered the week after I got my riding certification, so it was perfect timing! I ride all of the time now and I feel completely comfortable and confident.

How has your GenZe changed the way you get around?

Its changed how I get around completely! Like I said earlier, I had a car but because of an accident I needed to replace it. I sat down and thought about my needs for a vehicle. It had to be able to carry stuff and get me around. But since I rarely need to go beyond a six or seven mile radius of my house, a car didn’t seem practical. So I went from owning a car to now just owning a scooter and it’s really perfect for me. Its also really fun, so errands aren’t as big of a bother.

Had you owned an electric vehicle before getting your GenZe?

I’ve never owned one, but I have always wanted to. It was the fact that the scooter is electric that sold me. It’s good for the environment, which I love, but it also saves me so much money. I actually did the math and figure I spend about 90 cents a month to run it. So that’s a very nice incentive too.

What’s your favorite ride?

I really like riding around town. That sounds kind of boring, but with my scooter I can get around so quickly and easily it makes seeing Portland so much fun!

Portland has some really cold winters, did your scooter withstand the weather?

It was literally freezing this past winter, so I needed to get a full-face helmet, but the scooter did great. I have a cover for it and keep the battery inside when it gets really cold and wet so it doesn’t get damaged. I also put an extra layer of clear plastic over the display screen to help keep it dry and more responsive. I have to say, riding in the wind and rain took some getting use to, but all in all, things were good.

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