e101 18" Nearly New 350 Watt e-Bike with 111 miles (ID: S092568)

Nearly new GenZe e-Bikes were either used for test rides, rentals, or were returned items. They are all completely refurbished by our amazing service team to make sure they look and operate as good as new.

Size: 18″
Model: e101
Condition: Scratches on both sides of fork, top tube, down tube, seat stays, and chain stays
Mileage: 111
Warranty: 90 days
Delivery: free

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Price: $699

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GenZe e101 e-Bikes have a high bar and a standard seat. The 18″ frame is best suited for individuals 5’8″-6′. The GenZe e-Bike has 3 ride modes: standard pedaling, throttle (no pedaling at all), and pedal assist. You can pop the battery in and out for easy and convenient charging in any standard outlet.

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