GenZe 2nd Generation e-Bike Battery

The GenZe 2nd Generation e-Bike battery works for the new 100 series e-Bikes purchased after June 2017 and all the 200 series e-Bikes. See the full description below to tell the difference between the two. 

Note: The battery price is $395 plus a $40 fee for Hazmat packaging and handling. Does not include charger.

Not available for sale and shipment into Canada.

Price: $435

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Our 2nd generation e-Bike battery works for most 100 series e-Bikes purchased after June 2017 and all 200 series e-Bikes. They are narrower than the 1st gen battery, so an easy way to tell the difference is to quickly measure your current battery/frame opening. The 1st gen battery is 3″ wide, whereas the 2nd gen is 2.25″ wide. They also have the GenZe logo all in white, where the 1st gen batteries use an outline of the logo.

If you don’t remember when you purchased your e-Bike, you can also check based on the bike’s serial number. The numbers in the YY area (see list below) signify the year manufactured, and the numbers in the MM section is the month that the bike was manufactured.

Serial number template: EGDDDYYMMXXX

2nd gen battery is only compatible with the following serial numbers:
Note: The battery does not include a charger. To purchase a charger, please email

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