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Rainy Day Riding Tips For Your 2.0

As a scooter rider, you have to face the prospect of riding on a wet day. Hitting the road when it’s damp and gray might seem a little daunting at first, but it’s really not bad. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you cruise through soggy season safely and in style!

Wear Rain Gear

One of the very first steps in protecting yourself from wet weather is rain gear! With more and more people hitting the road on two wheels, there are a ton of waterproof jackets, pants, and lap covers to choose from. With awesome cuts and fabrics, these outerwear options aren’t just functional, they look great too! We are loving brands like Marmot and The North Face for their light weight, durable, rain gear.

Use Caution

Rainy weather means that roads can get slippery. To keep safe, all you need to do is taking care to avoid road lines, manhole covers, and oily-looking patches on the road.

Keep Visible

We all know that rain makes for lowered visibility. Never fear! Break out your bright colors and reflective clothing and you will be just fine! sells a huge variety of reflective gear and is worth checking out.

Slow Down

Sure, no one likes spending extra time in the rain, but when you are taking about wet conditions going slow is your best, and safest, bet.

While you can’t control the weather, you can keep yourself dry and safe. There are lots of other resources for more info on riding in the rain, like the DMV, and we think they’re worth checking out too. We hope that these tips help you out, and feel free to share any other rainy day riding tips you might have by tagging us @ridegenze on Twitter. Enjoy the ride!

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