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Reasons Why Even The Newest Rider Will Love the GenZe 2.0

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never so much as touched a scooter a single day in your life, the GenZe 2.0 is impossible not to fall in love with. This electric scooter is popular with advanced riders, but its beautiful, simple design makes having a panic-free good time an accessible experience for even the most novice of us all. Here are some reasons that everyone, but particularly newbies, will really love the 2.0.

1. ANYONE Can Ride a 2.0

Nothing is worse than someone telling you “x” activity is so easy that anyone can do it, only to find that nope, turns out you’re the exception to the rule. The GenZe 2.0? ANYONE can ride it. Like anyone, anyone. Simple, easy and user friendly, it’s basically like learning how to ride a bike, but without the falling part.

2. Goodbye Uber

Being carless and social is the perfect storm for overspending on Uber. It’s okay, we have all done it at some point in time. But the GenZe 2.0 lets you step up your going out game by putting you in charge of your own mobile destiny. If that wasn’t reward enough, you don’t have to waste money or time waiting around for cabs or Ubers anymore; which is basically the best.

3. Three Perfect Settings

With three built-in speed settings, GenZe takes the guess work out of operating the 2.0. First time? Easy setting and don’t sweat it. Want to get to work or just cruise the town? Econ allows you to go faster so you can really take it in on your own time. Feel like to catching a jaw-dropping sunset? Put that bad boy in Sport and have all the power you could possibly need to charge the hills. As a new rider, these helpful settings make all the difference in the world between feeling overwhelmed and feeling empowered.

4. Torque For Days

Until recently, my understanding of torque was purely abstract – propulsion, a moment of force. All the terms are hazy memories from a physics class long ago and far away. Let me tell you, the GenZe 2.0 is the ultimate teacher of torque. With an engine designed to go up to 55 MPH but a cap put in place to only let it go up to 30 MPH you get TORQUE FOR DAYS! The pick-ups on this scooter will get you to the top of even the most daunting of hills with no issues at all!

5. Thieves Beware

It’s an undeniable fact: crime, specifically theft, is on the rise. The good people at GenZe, with their understanding of urban issues, nailed this one right on the head. While nothing is steal-proof, the 2.0 certainly gets close. The easy to remove battery allows you to bring your power source with you wherever you go, and the GenZe companion app allows you to track the location of your ride. So in the insane chance someone does walk off with your scooter, you are able to stay a step ahead of the thief and pin point the exact location of your 2.0. Problem? Solved.

I myself am a very new rider and perhaps it is this beginner status that is really making me see the 2.0 for the wonderful, life changing thing that it is. If you’re curious what it’s all about, schedule a test ride to experience the 2.0 first hand. And once you do, let us know what you love most about GenZe.

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