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Reasons to Love LA With The GenZe e-Scooter

And what’s not to love about Los Angeles – there’s body building Venice Beach, star spangled Hollywood, the incredibly arty Downtown area, and those are only just a few reasons to fall in love with this Southern Californian city. But if you ride a GenZe e-scooter, there are even more reasons to fall in love with LA. We’ve put together a list of the top five reasons why Los Angeles is every e-scooter rider’s dream come true.


Unlike a lot of other parts of the country, Los Angeles weather is a scooter riders dream. Warm days, mild nights, and sunny winters almost every day makes for hitting the road on two wheels a great idea almost 365 days a year.


It’s hard to talk about Los Angeles without bringing up their traffic problems. It seems like you can spend entire lifetimes waiting for your turn at the light only to have it turn red when you get there. But on the e-scooter traffic congestion is only a distant memory. The GenZe not only can split lanes, but can also be ridden in the bike lane. Making it the perfect traffic solution.


With over 7 million cars and trucks registered in Los Angeles in 2015, it is no surprise that parking can be a true nightmare. Everyone is busy so wasting hours circling neighborhoods on the search for a parking spot is truly time that can be better spent. Thankfully with the GenZe e-scooter, parking is a breeze – and is often front row, thanks to ample motorcycle designated spots.


Los Angeles is a fantastic place to explore – there are beaches, mountains, parks, not to mention cool shops, awesome restaurants, and great museums. The GenZe e-scooter is the perfect vehicle to make the most of this diverse area. These zippy little e-scooters allow you to go on your adventures with all the fun and none of the headaches.


GenZe owners are always telling us about how people regularly stop them on the street to ask what is the make and model of their e-scooters. We can’t say that we blame them! The exquisitely designed and meticulously engineered e-scooters are fun and functional. So in a city that is known for head-turning fashion, the GenZe e-scooter goes great with every outfit.

We can go on and on about why the GenZe e-scooter is the perfect fit for LA living. Fun, functional, and fashionable they will get you were you need to go with zero headaches and looking great. But why not see for yourself how the GenZe e-scooter is the perfect choice for LA? Schedule a test ride at Hollywood Electrics and get ready to experience Los Angeles like never before!


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