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Ride Smart With The GenZe Companion App

Is there anything that could be better than a GenZe electric scooter? It’s kind of hard to top the stylish frame, solid engineering, and great handling, but here at GenZe, we think a good thing can always be a little better. Which is why we’ve created a companion app to let you experience your GenZe on a whole new level. Read on to learn more about just a few of the features of our app.

A Quick Check-Up

Our e-Scooters are truly built to last, but what about if something feels off with your ride? Never fear! The GenZe e-Scooter companion app allows you to run diagnostics on your ride anytime you want, so you’ll always know you’re in tip-top shape. Should something come up during your scan, the app will give you the error code to provide to a GenZe tech, so we can get you back on the road – quickly.

Sharing The Love

The 2.0 is so awesome that we know your friends and family will want to try it too! Our app allows you to create profiles for all of your favorite people, so everyone can share in the two-wheeled fun. We’ve also created the app to allow you, the primary rider, to set up geo-fence boundaries, which allows your e-Scooter to stay within the area you’ve chosen. If a rider goes outside, or re-enters, these boundaries, our app will ping you, so you’ll be the first to know.

Measure Your Impact

Another feature we’ve worked into our companion app is a dashboard that allows you to keep track of fuel economy, efficiency, and how much CO2 you’ve kept out of the environment. We all know that choosing electric is the smart way to get around, but this feature allows you to see just how smart it truly is. So get out and go on your GenZe e-Scooter and feel great about your ride, every ride.

These are only just a few of the amazing ways our companion app lets you experience your electric scooter in a whole new way. Want to learn more about our e-Scooters and their companion app? Click on the hyperlinks and learn more!

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