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Rider Avoids LA Gridlock with the GenZe 200 Series e-Bike

Holly Jones is a lot like our other e-Bike riders. A salon owner in West Hollywood, she uses it daily to avoid crazy LA traffic, run her errands, and coast home after a long day at work. We sat down with Holly to learn more about her story.

Before Going Electric

Holly Jones ditched her car a couple of years ago, when the costs started to get ridiculous. “My car payment was $200 a month, gas was $150, insurance was $50 or more, repairs/maintenance and registration were a few hundred a year, and parking tickets and my home street pass was another $300 or more a year. On top of that, it was a whopping $200 a month to park in my work building. I was sure to save at least $800 a month if I didn’t have the car (plus lose a few pounds) and switched to a bike,” Jones said.

Before she bought her GenZe e-Bike, she was riding a traditional bike to work. “It’s so healthy to be outside. We live in LA, where it’s sunny and nice out nearly every day, and it puts me in a good mood to be in the sunshine.”

But the traditional bike had its drawbacks. “I used it for everything, including running errands. So I had to be really careful to buy only super light things so that I could handle the extra weight. I would often daydream of having an e-Bike so I could coast home after a long day, or actually get all of the groceries or supplies I needed at the store.”

Finding GenZe

Holly came across GenZe about 1 1/2 years ago. There was a pop-up in the entrance of a mall in San Francisco, and she noticed the scooter right away. “The scooter is so cute! I didn’t really notice the bike next to it at the time, and spent about 20 minutes learning as much as I could from the sales guy. Later I started reading more about it online. I learned there was a GenZe Experience Center in Portland and had made plans to go to Portland for a birthday trip. GenZe was the first place I went to! I wanted to test drive the scooter so bad.”

When I got there, I finally took a closer look at the e-Bike. I decided to take a spin on the bike while I waited for the scooter to be available for a test drive. I LOVED the bike! My boyfriend went with me on another bike. We rode around that side of Portland and had so much fun! We were especially excited when we got lost on our way back because we had an excuse to ride longer! I came back and didn’t even ask for the scooter!

Life on Electric Two Wheels

Holly’s commute now is pretty great. She lives next to the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the La Brea Tar Pits, and has three route choices for getting to work. “I like to mix it up to get a better view, get a little more exercise, or avoid construction. I got a basket on the back and I love getting groceries now. And errands I used to avoid like the bank and the dry cleaner which require going up hills, I do with no problem on my way to work now.”

Bigger trips are also something Holly now looks forward to. “Living in West Hollywood, a lot of my beauty supply stores are on Santa Monica and Sunset Boulevards. Biking there before was something I could barely do—I often had to hop off my bike and walk a few blocks because the hill is too steep for my strength. I was REALLY excited to go up that hill this week to get my supplies.”

She also uses her e-Bike to push her own limits, and ride farther and longer. “One trip made possible with the GenZe was to ride to Hollywood to get a cup of Philz coffee! Our closet Philz is 4 miles away and uphill, and I would never go there on my regular bike.”

What She Loves Most

Holly uses the GenZe e-Bike exclusively to get to work, run all her errands, and go out. Her favorite aspects of the GenZe e-Bike are:

  • I can ride it like a regular bike when I want to (or if I want to preserve battery use)
  • It has gears for regular bike riding
  • I really enjoy the process of feeling out the pedal assist levels, and determining which hill is best for which level
  • It is so much fun to go super fast on a flat road with pedal assist at level 5!
  • The throttle makes me feel like I have a scooter!

And she likes to talk up her e-Bike every chance she gets. “I bring up the topic of e-Bikes to pretty much every client I’ve had since I got the GenZe. They ask me, “What’s new?” and I love telling them I got the bike. Everyone always is curious how I can ride in LA. They imagine me riding with all the crazy mad car drivers. But the truth is, it’s so easy to ride here. Bicyclists always take side streets and alleys, plus if any cars get in our way we can easily turn onto a sidewalk if we need to. I also tell them that I researched e-Bikes for an entire year and all I wanted was the GenZe; it has everything (manual bike, pedal assist and throttle). I think I might have inspired a few people to start riding bikes to work now, at least the ones that live and work near the beach.

If you’re interested in the GenZe 200 series e-Bike, you can find a retailer near you and experience the e-Bike in person, or shop online and build yours now.

Enjoy the ride.

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