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A Rider Talks Art, Exploration, and Two Wheels

Our customers never cease to amaze us – they’re innovative, smart, and lead very interesting lives. Oakland e-Scooter owner Amy fits the bill perfectly. She’s an artist, an environmentalist, and the owner of a custom wallpaper business. We met with her to discuss life-hacking, adventure rides, and how to be a scooter boss.

What made you want to get your GenZe e-Scooter?

I wanted a scooter for a while because where I live it’s easy to get around on two wheels. I had been searching for a Vespa, but then I came across GenZe. It was a year before they were available to the market, so I just waited – which is very weird for me, because I’m impulsive. So, I waited, and when they were ready to sell I bought one! Owning it has been a dream.

Does your GenZe help you run your business?

Yes! It saves me money, and as a small business owner, that’s huge. I use it to run things to UPS, which I do all the time. It’s great, I just put my packages in the back and off I go. I also use it to run all of my other errands. My GenZe also helps to save me time. Even though it maxes out at 30 MPH, I feel like I can zip around with it. It’s a lot faster than getting in my car to do the same thing because inevitably I get stuck in traffic, and struggle to find parking. Plus, it’s fun! I can be running around town doing what I need to do, and enjoying the experience. It’s great!

Was there anything that worried you about owning a scooter?

I live in Oakland so I was worried about someone stealing it. But that’s not a problem I worry about anymore because the theft prevention feature on the app really eased my mind. It lets me know that my e-Scooter is safe.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

I really like being adventurous and I like to put my battery range to the test. I recently took my GenZe all the way from East Oakland to Berkeley. I went up and over the Oakland hills, which is steep, which can use the battery up faster. But it was fine! I did a round trip on a single charge. Riding up in the hills is so beautiful, and making the full trip on one charge makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something awesome.

How many miles do you have on your scooter?

I have 1,188 miles on it! This winter was really rainy so I didn’t get to ride as much as I wanted to, but now that it’s nice out, I’m on it all the time.

Have you ever driven a scooter or motorcycle before buying your GenZe?

I’ve been a passenger, but I’ve never driven one before. But learning the ropes on a GenZe was really easy.

Was learning to ride your GenZe hard?

No! But with that said, the first time I rode my scooter I was terrified. I think it was because I was riding in the real world and not in a class. For my first ride, I went to meet a friend for coffee at a café about fifteen minutes away from my house. I was so nervous! Long story short, I had no problems and all the fear went away instantly.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about buying a 2.0?

Think about it all you want, but just get it! What could be holding you back? Why hesitate? It does exactly what a Vespa or other scooter would do, and it’s good for the environment. I have no regrets. The simple design makes it easy to own.

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