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San Francisco Welcomes the Global Climate Action Summit

Great minds have always been drawn to the City by the Bay. This September is no exception as the City of San Francisco will be hosting the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit. The Summit will bring together great minds from across the world who will celebrate the strides that have been made towards the Paris Agreement, and challenge forward momentum to meeting the goals of the Agreement by 2020. We believe it will change the way countries, cities, and businesses engage in climate action.

Global Climate Action Summit

The Global Climate Action Summit will be taking place September 12-14 in San Francisco, California. Happening half way between the 2015 and 2020 Paris Agreement, the GCAS is timed to provide governments with the confidence to trigger the next level of ambition and action sooner rather than later. The Summit will bring with it a new phase of action and dialog on climate change. Leaders in climate change will be sharing what progress has been made to date and highlight what direction we need to go. By creating an environment where climate action is at the forefront, the GCAS will not only serve as an important source for national governments as they strive towards climate action, it will also spur action on the state, city, business, and investor level as well.

Our Commitment to Caring

As part of the Mahindra Group, our company was founded on the notion that in order for companies to prosper, they must adhere to sustainable environmental standards. Mahindra chairman, and co-chair of the Global Climate Action Summit, Anand Mahindra, is so dedicated to creating an emissions-free future that he challenged 500 companies to set a science-based emissions reduction target. Anand has stated that this challenge will help companies realize the importance, and the profitability, of having environmentally sound businesses and to help scale back harmful emissions. You can learn more about what Anand is doing by clicking here. You can also learn more about Mahindra’s commitment to challenging the status quo and enacting positive change by visiting here.

Free Rides for All

To help celebrate the momentous Global Climate Action Summit, GenZe and our transportation partners are teaming up to give the City of San Francisco free access to unlimited 30-minute rides on Scoots and Ford GoBikes on September 13.  The ‘Free Ride Day’ will allow people in San Francisco to try out different sustainable transportation options and see how each works best for certain needs. As GenZe CEO, Vish Palekar, explains, “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the two share systems. Some riders have a personal preference for one product over another. And certain trips and errands work best with a particular product.” To ride Scoot e-Scooters for free, riders simply need to enter the code GCAS18 into the app. For Ford GoBikes, riders will be able to access the free rides through their app. Summit attendees will have access to free rides for the duration of the Global Climate Action Summit as well. You can learn more about ‘Free Ride Day’ by clicking here.

Creating an emissions-free, environmentally responsible future is critical for all of us, and we are excited to hear and see what great thoughts and actions come out of the Global Climate Action Summit. To learn more about our commitments to creating a better environment click here.

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