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ScooterBuz and GenZe Announce Partnership

In an exciting and industry changing move, ScooterBuz has partnered with GenZe as our exclusive distributor for the marine industry, the Bahamas, and 24 islands in the Caribbean. There is a natural need for two-wheelers in the marine industry. When anchoring on land, passengers and crew use two-wheel vehicles to efficiently travel, gather supplies, or explore. With high petrol prices and small islands, electric two-wheelers are an ideal solution on Caribbean Islands as well.

Daniel Benayoun, Director of ScooterBuz writes:

“Over the past two years, I’ve been searching to diversify into a new promising business that will be riding the wave of the future. We strongly believe in doing our part to preserve our Planet. Electric vehicles, electric scooters are a small expression of our contribution. Given the promising outlook of electric vehicles, and in our case the e-Scooters, this industry became my focal point. Roads point to a future where only top-quality manufactures will succeed and thrive in this industry, regardless of the dozens of inexpensive e-scooter imports available and bargain prices.

I visited 6 electric scooter & bicycle manufacturers in 4 countries and maintained discussions with the two companies which in my opinion, have the proper structure, manufacturing, support and technology to succeed in the e-Scooter and e-Bike arena. Mahindra GenZe was on the top of my list. GenZe’s support network, warranty and extensive history as a Global company is confidence-inspired to distribution and retail customers. The price point of GenZe’s model lineup is very competitive, especially when comparing to competing established e-scooter manufactures and name-brand gas-powered scooters. We look forward to our partnership.”

ScooterBuz has already invested in the development of the appropriate yacht transportation solution – marine-grade wheel chocks and a tie-down system for yachts – for any ocean conditions. Additionally, with help from GenZe, ScooterBuz has developed and produced the proper lift block and harness made exclusively for the easy and secure lifting and loading of the e-Scooters onto vessels via cranes or davits.

As our exclusive distributor for the marine industry, the Bahamas, and 24 islands of the Caribbean ScooterBuz’s distribution efforts will focus on volume commercial and B2B sales as opposed to retail operations. Folks looking for e-bike and e-scooter solutions in these geographies may contact ScooterBuz for more information at

With a background in engineering, sales, and marketing, Daniel and his team bring two decades of business relationships and distribution experience through Florida, the Caribbean, and South America. They are the perfect representatives of GenZe in the marine industry, the Bahamas, and 24 islands of the Caribbean. As we expand our products and brand into markets that no e-bike or e-scooter manufacturer has been able to crack yet, we are looking forward to a long and storied partnership with ScooterBuz.

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