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Seen On My GenZe: Biking The Golden Gate Bridge

When you think of San Francisco, chances are The Golden Gate Bridge comes to mind. This iconic bridge was opened in 1937, and continues to be the symbol of San Francisco to this day. It’s been devoured by monsters in Godzilla, torn apart by Magneto in X-Men, and taken over by monkeys in Planet of the Apes. But there’s a whole different kind of adventure that can happen on The Golden Gate Bridge – riding across it on your e-bike.

Where to start

We started our trip at the tip of the Presidio, close to the corner of Laguna St. and Marina Blvd. There’s a short, downhill ride that takes you to Fort Mason, where you can take a look at the docked boats and get a nice view of the bridge! From here, continue on down the San Francisco Bay Trail. This stretch of the ride is nice and flat, so we made sure to take the e-bike down to “0” to save some power.



The trail splits at the corner of Baker St. and Marina Blvd. If you want a view, take a right at this intersection to ride through Chrissy Field. Although this ride is a little bit bumpy, you’ll get a beautiful view of the ocean. There are a few creeks and bridges that are fun to ride over, too. If you want to play it safe, continue along the path on Old Mason St. It’s nice and paved, and you can still admire the ocean from a distance.



Best photo opportunities

You can’t beat the views you’ll get on this bike ride. Be sure to stop at these places to snap some pics!

Off the bridge

You’ll run into Fort Point right after Chrissy Field. Here you’ll find a Warming Station that serves coffee and lets you warm up if the ocean breeze gives you a chill. In addition to the shop, you can get a GREAT picture of the bridge. Head over to the Fort Point sign that sits just past the hut for some nice shots of both the sign and the bridge!



Next, head to the Bridge Pavillon. There’s a big hill to ride up after Fort Point, so you get to really show off your e-bike. You can set it at “1” or “2” and notice a HUGE difference. We had about three groups of tourists ask if we were riding electric bikes as they huff and puffed from exhaustion. At the top of the hill, you’ll find an area that demonstrates the suspension that keeps The Golden Gate Standing. It’s perfect for a little nugget of knowledge and a nice photo!

Vista Point

On the Sausalito side of The Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll find Vista Point, a rest station where you can stop to enjoy the best view of the bridge. With amazing photo opportunities, Tower Viewers, and restrooms, this stop is sure to please everyone on the ride. If you’re riding city side, the bridge’s path will lead you directly to the resting point, but if you’re on the ocean side, you’ll need to make a detour under the bridge at the end of the path.


San Francisco

On the bridge

Pro tip: The bridge has some hours for bike usage that can really alter your trip. If you’d like to ride city side, make sure you start your adventure before 3:30pm. At 3:30pm, the bridge splits pedestrians and cyclists between the two sides – cyclists get the ocean side (which is still pretty awesome).

Ocean Side

City Side

City Side

If you take the city side, the best photo will be at the first tower on the bridge, and if you’re on the ocean side, you’ll want to stop at the second tower to get the perfect shot. But with 1.7 miles across, you’re guaranteed some great photos wherever you choose to stop.

Recharge in Sausalito

Once you’re in Marin, it’s a nice downhill ride- and that’s a good thing! Just a short trip from Vista Point and you’ll find beautiful Sausalito. Unfortunately, this ferry line doesn’t allow e-bikes from Sausalito to the city. This means you’ll want to find a place to charge once you get into town to prepare for the ride back. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite coffee shops that you can swing by to get a quick charge.

  • Sausalito Bakery & Café
  • Starbucks
  • Philz Coffee
  • Cibo 
  • Bridgeway Bagel



The exercise, views, and photo opportunities make this the perfect ride for your day off or when you want to impress some out of town guests. San Francisco is a cyclist’s paradise, and it’s great to know that our most iconic monument is, too. So, take a spin along the San Francisco Bay Trail to the bridge when you get some time. The views are amazing, and they’re even better when seen on your GenZe.

Enjoy the ride!

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